Dr. Gary E. La More has been pastor of Grace Missionary Baptist Church in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, since 1987. He is president of Historic Baptist Bible College and Seminary and superintendent of Grace Baptist Academy, ministries of Grace Missionary Baptist Church. He has held several other pastorates in both the United States and Canada and attended the World Congress of Fundamentalists, Spurgeon’s Tabernacle, London, England, in 1973.

Dr. La More holds the following degrees: Ph.D. in Greek Philosophy; Doctor of Divinity; Master of Arts (major in ancient Near Eastern history); Master of Divinity (major in Greek and Hebrew); Bachelor of Arts (major in history) and an A.A. In 1970 he was inducted into Phi Alpha Theta, a National Honour Society for graduate students in history.

Several years ago Pastor began to read the Spanish Bible on a daily basis. Using the King James Bible exclusively in English, he checked the various Spanish Bibles in his possession and noticed differences between them and the King James.

This being the case, he began to wonder what Greek text these Spanish Bibles were following. They all professed to follow the TR, or Textus Receptus (Received Text), upon which the King James is based. However, the more he studied the Spanish Bibles, the more he discovered that the Spanish Bibles he has were not following the TR. As a result he has written a book called While Latinos Slept…, which is published by Xulon Press.

While Latinos Slept… is intended for the mature Christian believer in both English and Spanish. While some may reject the findings of this book, Pastor La More would caution them not to do so but rather let the facts speak for themselves. Facts are facts, and there is no way around them. The research in his book is proof of this.


This book can be purchased in the U.S.A. from and in Canada from


Mrs. Georgel La More is a seasoned teacher of 45 years who writes her own curriculum for parents who home school their children. This curriculum, which is based on the King James Bible, has been very successful in teaching young children to read. Mrs. La More has several books ready for publishing on Math and Grammar, also based on the King James Bible, which will soon be listed on the Bookstore page, along with Pastor La More’s many books. 



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