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LAMINATED – $2.00 each


Acts, The (Baptism) / 1 Corinthians (The Lord’s Table) Ordinances – Not Sacraments (New Scofield Reference Bible)


APPENDIX II – G. Campbell Morgan on Toleration / APPENDIX III – Five Things Contributing to the Birth of Neo-evangelicalism


APPENDIX III – What Are We to Believe about the Inspiration of the Bible? / APPENDIX IV – the King James Bible and the Scholars


Απoλoγια (Apologia)/ Defense (Answer)


Apologetics / Hebrews 4:12


Bible and Liberal Scholars, The / Hegelian Dialectic and Textual Criticism, The


Charles Haddon Spurgeon and the Textual Critics – 2 sides


Comparison of W-H with Darwinism / History of Textual Transmission


Difference Between Liberalism and True Christianity – 2 sides


Entrance of the Leaven of Textual Criticism into Fundamentalism, the / Inspiration and Preservation of Scripture: Four Views


Kenneth Copeland’s Teaching on Hell and the Little God Theory / Kenneth Copeland’s Little God Theory


Modernism / Accommodation, Are You Practicing It?


Modernism / Wolves


Playing with Fire – 1 Kings 22:1 – 2 Kings 1:18 / Acts 8:30


Repentance – Where Did it Go / Why Read the NIV?




Waite’s Dean Burgon Society Statement on Preservation – 2 sides




APPENDIX VI – The Heresies of Origen and His New Age Connections – 6 pages


B.B. Warfield and His Followers – 46 pages


Brooke Foss Westcott, George MacDonald, and J. R. R. Tolkien by Dr. James H. Sightler, MD., 12-22-13 – 48 pages


Children’s Literature – Elementary Education 230 Course Syllabus – 53 pages – $15.00


Church Fathers, a Door to Rome, The – 11 pages


Dean Burgon on the Textus Receptus – 10 pages


Did God Only Inspire the Original Autographs of the Bible? And Corrupt Lexicons and Dictionaries; the Nazi Connection – 8 pages


Dr. D.A. Waite and the DBS, Dead Bible Society: Translation Without Inspiration Is Extinction by Alan James O’Reilly – 94 pages


Dr. Kenneth Taylor’s Search for the Living Bible – 17 pages


Ephesians 4:29 and Corrupt Communication – A Study Taken from A Word for the Day: Key Words from the New Testament – 12 pages


Exposé of Fundamentalists Foes, Enemies, Correctors and Corrupters of the King James Bible: A Work Compiled from Brother Kyle Stephens’ the Certainty of the Words with Additional Material Added, An – 472 pages – $14.00


Hell or Hades Which Is it? – 32 pages


John Nelson Darby Version: Doctrinal Changes to the Holy Bible – John Nelson Darby’s Departure From Historic Christian Beliefs As Examined In His Bible – 42 pages


King Jehoiakim and Proverbs 13:13 or the Burning of the Book in Jeremiah 36 – 70 pages


Pilgrim Character America’s Heritage of Christian Character – 30 pages


Reese’s Encyclopedia of Christian Biographies and His Two Anti-Semites: Rudolf Kittel and Gerhard Kittel – 4 pages


Scholars, Scholarship and the King James Bible: Excerpts From Dr. La Mores’s Fundamentalists Foes, Enemies, Corrupters, and Correctors of the King James Bible And the Scofield Reference Bible Is There A Problem? – 17 pages


Seven Infallible Proofs of the King James Bible’s Inspiration – Chapter 31 – Hazardous Materials by Dr. G. A. Riplinger – 55 pages


Study on the Life and Ministry of Dr. C.I. Scofield Taken from the Scofield Reference Bible Is There A Problem? – 17 pages


“There Is A Generation…”


Ward & the Apocrypha: A Study by G.A. Riplinger Taken from King James and His Translators with Additional Material Added by Dr. Gary E. La More – 21 page


HARD COVER – $14.00


Dr. Robert A. Joyner, D.B.S., Th.D., Ph.D., and His Vehement Attack on the King James Bible – 24 pages


Evaluation of Evidence for the Text, the – An Overview – 11 pages


Fundamentalists, Foes, Enemies, Corrupters and Correctors of the King James Bible – 143 pages – $20.00


Great RSV Controversy, The –  Nihil Obstat: the Problem of Interpretation – 56 pages


“…Keep Rank…. Can You?” – 44 pages


Revelation 22:14 – Are You Doing His Commandments or Washing Your Robes? – 25 pages


Selected Articles From The Internet In Defense of the King James Bible.  TABLE OF CONTENTS: God’s Providential Preservation of the Scriptures [8 pages], Why Should I Use The ‘King James Bible’? [8 Pages], The King James Bible Is Inspired [7 pages], The King James Bible Is Inspired [5 pages], Westcott and Hort Clever Devils [4 pages], Westcott and Hort’s Revision Strategy [6 pages], The Received Text vs. The Critical Text [24 pages], Two Rivers of Greek Manuscripts [10 pages], Early Witnesses To the Received Text [10 pages], Table of Comparison of Selected Scriptures [21 pages], Wolves [1 page], Bible Versions: The King James vs. The New King James [4 pages], Gnostic Corruptions In The Critical Texts: A Case Study On The Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament, 21st Edition [33 pages], Comparisons Between The Majority (KJV) and Minority (NIV) Texts by Richard Anthony [13 pages]. – $40.00


Softening Words in the Word of God – 21 pages


Waiting For Dr. Waite. Written by Pete Heisey, Timisoara, Romania June 2010, Published by TRUTH in LOVE Baptist Publications, September 2016. – 109 pages – $40.00


SOFT BOUND BOOKS – Priced Separately NOTE * Items are not numbered consecutively


Accommodation – 70 pages – $8.00


Contemporary Theology – Writings That Matter  – 125 pages – $15.00 *


Corrupt Bible Translation – A Study Compiled by Dr. Gary E. La More Taken from Dr. David W. Daniels’ Why Did They Change the Bible – 5 pages – $3.00


Holy Bible, The – Quatercentinary Edition – 2 Samuel 21:19 King James Version An Omission – $9.00 *


Israel, Islam and Armageddon by Dave Hunt: The Following Notes Have Been Taken From The DVD, Israel, Islam and Armageddon by Dave Hunt – With Additional Notes Taken from Dave Hunt’s A Cup of Trembling Jerusalem and Bible Prophecy; Judgment Day! Islam, Israel and the Nations; Peace Prosperity and The Coming Holocaust and Cosmos Creator and Human Destiny Answering Darwin, Dawkins, and the New Atheists – $20.00 *


“It Is Written” – 57 pages – $9.00


Keepers At Home Or Working Mothers – Which Is It? Titus 2:4-5 – 89 pages – $9.00 *


Losing God’s Word: A Study Compiled With The Help of Dr. Gary Inrig and His Commentary On First and Second Kings – 37 pages – $6.00


Nature of The New Testament Church On Earth, The: A Study Outline by Willard A. Ramsey – $2.00 *


Neo-Evangelicalism Its History, Its Teachings and Its Impact – 28 pages – $6.00


Philosophy Of Greek And Roman Stoicism And Its Influence Upon Early New Testament Christianity – 236 pages – $16.00


Scofield Reference Bible Is There a Problem? – 112 pages – $10.00


Study On The Word Fool From The Book Of Proverbs, A


Tübingen School – 12 pages – $5.00




Analyzing The Dean Burgon Society’s Article Of Faith On The Bible


Culture Wars On Christian College Campuses by Pastor Tod Brainard


Culture Wars On Christian College Campuses by Pastor Tod Brainard – Tract


Dean Burgon On The Textus Receptus


Defined King James Bible, The: Definitions For Change


Do Scholars Lie? Bruce M. Metzger: A Princeton Apostate – 4 pages


Dr. B.B. Warfield On The Bible


Dr. Eugene A. Nida: His Life and Teachings


Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer On Accommodation [1912-1984] / World Spirit [Geist]


Dr. Sam Gipp’s Study On Perversions Of The Word Of God


Dr. Jeffrey Khoo Kept Pure in All Ages / APPENDIX VIII The [Model] Prayer Luke 11:2-4 Proof of Corruption


F.H.A. Scrivener & His Textual Heresies – Taken From G.A. Riplinger’s Hazardous Materials – 4 pages


Fundamentalist Schools Against The King James Bible


Importance Of The Word And In The Bible, The


Summary Of What The Fundamentalists Foes Believe About The King James Bible Excerpted From An Exposé Of Fundamentalists Foes, Enemies, Correctors And Corrupters Of The King James Bible


Sword Of The Lord, Curtis Hutson And The Doctrine Of Repentance, The


Teach Me When We Are Teachable




I Can Learn Grammar using my King James Bible – Grade One – This book can be purchased from us for $25.00.  Watch the website for it as well.


I Can Learn Grammar using my King James Bible – Grade Two – This book can be purchased from us for $25.00.  Watch the website for it as well.


I Can Learn Grammar using my King James Bible – Grade Three – This book can be purchased from us for $25.00.  Watch the website for it as well.


I Can Read My Bible: Using the King James Bible – A Phonics Approach To Teaching Reading – Can be purchased in binder for $30.00 from us or on CD for $29.95 US from


I Can Read My Bible – A Phonics Approach To Teaching Reading – Pamphlet


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